Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. However, it is at this stage in life that the woman goes through numerous hormonal and physical changes from within. These changes cause many major discomforts to the woman. One such discomfort associated with pregnancy is disturbances during sleep.

The quality of sleep of a pregnant woman tends to be extremely poor. This increases the physical strain on her and makes her even more tired than she already is. However, the sleeping troubles which happen to a pregnant do not remain the same throughout her pregnancy, in fact, they change after each trimester. Let’s discuss the sleeping problems faced by these women in each trimester.


The First Trimester Sleeping Disturbances

- The need and frequency to use the bathroom increases during the first trimester of pregnancy. This forces the pregnant lady to frequently get up from her sleep and rush to the bathroom.

- The women during this phase of pregnancy go through a lot of physical and emotional stress. The consequent result of these increased stress levels is disturbed sleep.

- Since the women are not able to sleep properly during the night, they tend to feel sleepy throughout the day.



The Second Trimester Sleeping Disturbances

- As the size of the baby increases, the discomfort for the pregnant women also increases resulting in poor sleep quality.

- The emotional stress associated with pregnancy continues during this phase as well and hence continues to disrupt proper sleep for these women.

- However, the overall quality of sleep quality shows marked improvement during this phase of pregnancy as the visits to the bathroom reduce greatly and become almost normal.



The Third Trimester Sleeping Disturbances

This is the worst phase as far as sleeping problems are concerned.

- The increasing size of the belly makes it very difficult to lie down in one position for long and hence long hours of sleep become a distant dream.

- Problems like heartburn, sinus congestion, cramps in the legs are common and they affect the sleep quality greatly.

- The baby starts to move around and change positions frequently. This puts pressure on the bladder, thus the problem of frequent urination returns to haunt the pregnant women.


The above problems are something which no pregnant woman can avoid no matter how smooth and healthy her pregnancy is going. There are however a few simple tricks which can make it easier to get better sleep than what would otherwise be possible for a pregnant woman.

- With the help of extra pillows, support can be given to the back and tummy of the women, which would reduce her physical discomfort to a great extend.

- Warm milk has a calming effect on the nerves and hence if the pregnant lady drinks one glass of this warm milk during the night, she might be able to get a better night’s sleep.

- Similarly, the diet of the woman also has a direct bearing on the sleeping pattern of these women and hence they should be encouraged to have a nutritious diet, which would help in dealing with problems like sinus, headaches, etc.

- There are several relaxation techniques present, which can be used for calming down the excited and tensed nerves of the pregnant lady.

- One big myth associated with pregnancy is that, a pregnant woman cannot exercise. It’s true that the exercise schedule of a pregnant lady is very different from a normal person, but exercise is in fact very necessary for a normal delivery. Regular and careful exercising can also help in improving your sleeping patterns during pregnancy as well.

A baby crib is one of the first purchases that a couple makes on hearing the news of the arrival of a new member into their family. It is this crib which gives the baby the most safe place for sleeping and playing in his or her early days in this world. Therefore, it is very important that the purchase of this crib should be made only after extensive research on it has been done and you have found the best crib present in the market. You can find out more about this crib at

Some of the most common requirements which couples have when they set out to look for a crib for their baby are as follows:


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A baby’s room is always decorated with bright colors and baby goodies. Therefore, couples are always on the lookout for a crib which will be able to fit into their decorations in this baby room. Most of the tie these couples are looking for cribs with modern design and styling. However, one needs to be careful when looking for stylish cribs and ensure that the design should not be such that it ends up making the child discomfortable or unsafe in the crib.



It is also very important for these couples that the crib should be easy to assemble. In case of highly technical and modern cribs, the necessary support with respect to the assembly of these cribs should be available and that too at a very reasonable cost.



The colors of the cribs available in the market are quite standard. However, now-a-days, complains dealing with baby products have come out with some really vibrant designs and colors for these cribs. However, one needs to remember that the crib would be used by your baby for at least three to four years of his or her life and sense the color should be such that it does not start to hurt the eyes after a few months only. It is always better to go in for colors, which have a timeless appeal attached to them.



This is one of the most important features which couples buying a crib look for and rightly so. The crib is supposed to provide a safe haven for your child and hence if it is not sturdy then, your child will always be at the risk of getting hurt due to breakage of the crib.



Today the market is filled with cribs which have been designed in a manner that once they run out their utility as a crib they can be easily converted into a bed, making them useful for a long time and giving the buyer a good return for his investment.

Currently, Sealy Bella Standard Crib is being touted as the best crib present in the market. Some of the most appreciated features in this crib which match the general expectations of the couples are as follows:

- It provides 3 uses in one. It can be easily converted into a toddler bed and then into a day bed with equal ease. It also has an optional toddler rail, which can easily be attached to it.

- It has a very contemporary design which is appealing to the sensibilities of all the modern couples.

- The color of the crib is very nice and soothing to the eyes. Its two toned gray color can easily fit into any room décor.

- The mattresses placed in this crib can be adjusted in three different positions.

- Assembly is easy since it has a built in hardware system and thus there are no loose parts which may require assembly.

- It adheres to the standards laid out for cribs.


A good night’s sleep is the most essential part of the day for all human beings. If you are not able to get a good night’s rest, then your body will not be able to perform efficiently during the day. You will feel tired and exhausted throughout the day.


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Therefore, getting a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep is very important. However, there are different factors which go into the making of a night’s sleep pleasurable. Some of the most common factors which affect our night’s sleep are as follows:



Temperature of the Room

For getting a good night’s sleep it is very important for some people to ensure that the temperature of the room set right. If the room becomes too cold or too hot, they will not be able to get a good night’s sleep.


Softness Of The Mattress

The softness and the thickness of the mattresses used on the beds also go a long way in determining the comfort level of the people sleeping on them. While some people like soft and thick mattresses, others prefer slightly hard and thin mattresses.


Noise Level In The Room

For some people even a slight noise in the room like a door opening or closing softly can also cause major disruption in their sleep. Therefore, for such people to have a good night’s sleep, it is important that the room should be completely soundproof.


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Presence of Light In the Room

The amount of light present in the room also affects the sleeping quality of people. Some people like to sleep in a pitch dark room while others need a night lamp burning all through the night in order to get a peaceful night’s sleep.


Pillow Quality And Quality

The pillows are one thing which everyone requires for comfortable sleeping. However, the number of pillows required and the quality of the pillows may vary from person to person. While some people need soft pillows under their head, others prefer a little harder pillow. Similarly, while some need just one pillow, others may need a couple or more pillows in order to get that sound sleep.

While most of us use pillows only under our heads, there are many people who use many pillows under various parts of their body like neck, back, hips, tummy and legs in order to get that perfect sleep. For these people Leachco Snoogle total body pillows are the best alternative.  These pillows provide support and comfort to the entire body of the person without generating too much heat. They are easily washable and hence, require little maintenance.